Revolution in ideas is what always exists in our minds from the journey we began in 2007. We said that we are young but experienced as the three persons who started the journey had an average age of 23. At the same time, we knew that as we grow old, we would brand us as experienced but young. Our practice of energy to chase the odds to bring positive changes enriched us with this confidence. Spellbound was born with the belief that life of a brand is mighty when the brand acts for life. A visionary man started a remarkable journey in 1935 in the land of opportunities of that time by his own name, Leo Burnett and became one of the 100 most influential persons of the world in 20th century through creating impact with ideas and the concept of Humankind. Today this ever green vision which leads over 69 countries with 9000+ people worldwide is the energy to bring positive changes with ideas.

It is time for 160 million people of Bangladesh to rise high as well as for Spellbound to collaborate globally to engage evolution in advertising industry to transform these human behavior with the power of creativity to build a positive Bangladesh and to brand Bangladesh globally.