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Bangladesh Business Summit 2023

Detailed description of the project

Bangladesh Business Summit 2023 is an international trade and investment promotion event. The summit, envisaged to become Bangladesh’s flagship business promotion bi-annual event, seeks to highlight Bangladesh’s economic and market strengths, and concrete trade and investment opportunities in Bangladesh by convening national and global businesses leaders, investors, policymakers, practitioners, policy and market analysts, academia, and innovators.

The summit was organised under patronage and supervision of:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh
  • Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Investment Development Authority

Objectives of the summit:

  • Highlight the success story that has set the foundations for sustainable growth trajectory of Bangladesh
  • Showcase the dynamic business /investment opportunities in Bangladesh
  • Showcase the improvements and business environment reforms
  • Gain insights of investment priorities of the global investors to improve policy
  • Facilitate exchange of investment success stories and good practices among investors
  • Seek investors’ views and suggestions to create more partnership opportunities
  • Secure concrete investment interest/proposals and develop a solid investment pipeline for important sectors
  • Facilitate effective networking, dialogue and partnership opportunities among national and international investors, policy makers and broader group of stakeholders
Name of legal entity Country Proportion carried out by candidate (%) No of staff provided Origin of funding Dates (start/end)
Spellbound Communications Limited Bangladesh 100 input base 10 Private 01.01.2023-



Type and scope of services provided

  1. Management and implementation of the project:
    • Planning and Strategy
    • Project Timeline
    • Manage day-to-day activities
    • Secretariat Support
    • Provision of media coverage of activities and events organised
    • Guest management
    • Hospitality Coordination with Hotels
    • Coordination with Partners and Committee of FBCCI
  2. Event organisation support: press conferences, panel discussions, breakout session, media briefings, exhibition, B2B matchmaking
  3. Provision of technical and logistical support
  4. Media support:
    • Arrange CNN Experience
    • CNN Insight Session
    • Panel Discussion with Richard Quest
    • CNN Create’s Interview-based shooting of Sponsor
    • Facilitation to CNN Editorial Team
    • Press coverage and monitoring services of Local and International Media
    • Press clipping reports
    • Social media reports
    • Coverage of events organised at the EUIC or upon request of the Contracting Authority
  5. Design and Printing of publication Materials
  6. Graphic design services
  7. Production of promotional materials
  8. Video production
  9. Translation and proofreading services
  10. Digital Platform Development, Maintenance and Promotion