Monalisa Sanitary Napkin

Spellbound always emphasizes on projects that is associated with welfare of humankind. That is why we took it as a challenge when we began working on the Monalisa Sanitary Napkin Promotional Campaign, a product of Bashundhara Group. The challenge was to promote the brand from the perspective so that the menstrual period cannot prevent you from living your life, that you need not to bother.

After an extensive market research and brand strength analysis, we came to the conclusion that we need to show the women that you don’t have to be extra brave or confident, just live through the day as you do always. We developed a slogan, that comes from the theme song or Jingle, to demonstrate the fact: Just LIVE AS YOU BE. And the slogan was: Amar Moto Ami Thaki.

The brand already existed, but we needed to bring it in front of the target group. That is why we developed a whole new modern packaging for the product, and after we are prepared, we emphasized on target based brandings through TV and Electric Media, Print Media, Branding, affiliation with related industry and stakeholders and most importantly, in points where we can intervene in woman empowerment. Later, the insight of the campaign inspired to develop the “Monalisa Women’s Club”.
The campaign became top of mind very soon, bringing the product in the front case of any store and drawing attention until it became one of the preferred domestic brand. The slogan became very popular and women like to say it proudly. It was fun developing the campaign and pride to do something for the women, for a social change. We are proud that we inspired women to live as who they are, how they choose to live.