Ford Big Deal Campaign: The BIG Surprise

Ford is one of the biggest names in global automobile industry. Spellbound has the privilege to work with them since long, and to work in multiple advertising campaigns including launching in Bangladesh. In 2016, they came up with a global campaign, as they showcased it: The Big Deal.

In Bangladesh, Spellbound had the opportunity to run the campaign in association with the distributor, AG Automobiles. The campaign was in a Buy & Enjoy manner, the buyers were offered to scratch to win a number of extraordinary privileges and benefits such as 10% Discount on Original FORD Accessories or the chance to win iPhone and air tickets to Malaysia. The campaign was a great surprise for the potential buyers and our job was to let the people know about the offer and carry out the campaign to ensure the highest outcomes from the campaign.

We are happy to say we did it pretty beautifully. We developed advertising materials, branding, PR engagement channels for the campaign. As a result, the media and the customer segment was talking about it and sales increased significantly. Working with a big brand like ford has advantages and risks, but as we like to portray ourselves, we are here to take the load and do everything to handle it in the best way.