Upholding the spirit of sacrifice and charity on the holy occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha, Lotto and Spellbound brought to the audience an OVC campaign which tells the tale of a person, who was a homeless kid once , but did not forget his root even after reaching the pinnacle of success. The message of this campaign was- love has the incredible power of changing lives.

This campaign got a huge positive response from the audience. Certainly this campaign left a lasting mark in audiences’ hearts. In this work Spellbound attempted to convey the message of human brand purpose; the purpose which has some positive impact in human life. Our client Lotto also believes in welfare of community, which resulted in such a wonderful work. Indeed, it was quite an inspiration for them to spread love too as their favorite brand did.

Lotto Spreads love!!!

কিছু মানুষের অনবদ্য সব ভাবনা আর কাজের কারনে পৃথিবী এখনও সুন্দর। আপনার ছোট্ট একটি শেয়ার এরকম ভাবনা আনতে পারে অনেকের মনে, হয়ত নতুন জীবন দিতে পারে বঞ্চিত শিশুদের। বেশী বেশী শেয়ার করে ত্যাগের উদ্দীপনা ছড়িয়ে দিন

Posted by Lotto Sport on Tuesday, 21 August 2018