Meet the World! The “Somvabona Simahin” Campaign with AmanCem

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with clients like AmanCem, who has the belief of making grandeurs happen just the same as us. That is why when we proposed AmanCem a continuous campaign of travelling the world, they admired it and decided to take the benefit that would come from it. And guess what, the first program was FIFA World Cup! Possibly the biggest concentrated occasion in the World! Almost everyone dreams of watching the world cup live.

After a successful sales competition, winner dealers travelled to Russia to witness history, the match between Brazil Vs Costa Rica! The whole campaign idea was such a hit that every dealer from around the country jumped into the competition to earn his place. Finally, when the lucky dealers traveled to Russia and was asked how was the trip afterwards, all, we repeat, all of them said that it was far far beyond their expectation. As they said, “We never imagined of being on field at a World Cup Match”! We knew how happy they are to be with AmanCem, we saw how inspired they are and that they now believed in the brand better than before. And Spellbound take the ride to offer the idea, design the campaign and execute it in a manner so that the best outcomes can be ensured for the client.

After the success, we were ready to take it further. The next big program we designed, and is currently going on, is two different travel campaigns for Dealers and Retailers of AmanCem. The Campaign entitles different amusements of travelling the world in a special manner, like, cruising the south pacific or riding hot water balloons, gliders in the most attractive locations of the world, or boating in the pacific serenity. The campaign is going on and the participation is very enthusiastic. We are confident that this continuous campaign, which is already an exemplary one, will add significantly in the brand image and equity of the client. It makes us proud to offer something that take our clients to the world and gain trust of the stakeholders and the market by it.