Let’s Shout Out Loud Together

Cricket is something which dwells in every Bangladeshi heart. It has the incredible power to tie up people from every corner. In 2015 Polar Ice Cream, a well-reputed Bangladeshi brand became co-sponsor for the international series of Bangladesh versus Pakistan. To celebrate and to bring the best out of this opportunity, Spellbound came up with a unique idea to strengthen the bond to boost up the spirit of tigers by roaring along with them.

Different Kiosks were placed in different places where fans can roar for tigers that was shared in different medias later on. The kiosks could be tracked through GPS as well. It was developed by Bondstine Technologies Company. There was also a club initiated called halumclub.com, where anyone could share their shout to wish the tigers. In a very short span of time the hype got everyone by surprise.

The Tigers roared in the field and more than ten thousand fans roared with them in less than a week from different locations of Dhaka. The activation resulted in an epic success undoubtedly.