DESTINATION BANGLADESH: Exploring the Gateway to Growth & Investment

Spellbound with Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry explored the endless possibilities of Bangladesh and its journey of emerging as a Developed Nation by 2041 through International Conference 2018- DESTINATION BANGLADESH- Gateway to Growth

The 21st century is the Asian century. Asia is the new economic frontier and we are confident that Bangladesh is very much part of this new economic frontier and today she truly is in a position to transform herself into a modern economic powerhouse, just as many countries including the Asian Tigers did in the recent past. Bangladesh is ranked as one of the fastest growing nations of the world and has crossed China in terms of GDP growth percentage. As per the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report, Bangladesh will become the 28th largest economy by the year 2030 and 23rd largest by the year 2050 with a GDP size larger than that of Malaysia and Thailand.

Bangladesh Government has set a “Vision 2021” to move Bangladesh into a Middle-Income Country (MIC) and further set a “Vision 2041” for Bangladesh to be a developed country. In line with this vision, we project Bangladesh to become the 30th largest economy by 2030. Bangladesh over the last 3 decades achieved remarkable economic growth and now has crossed the 7.65% threshold with key macro-economic indicators all showing positive trends. Our export reached to USD 36.67 billion and foreign exchange reserve reached to USD 33 billion. The stable and strong economic growth of Bangladesh is reflected in the sovereign credit ratings of Bangladesh, rated Ba3. We have also set a target to reach USD 60 billion export earnings by the year 2021.

On the occasion of the biggest conference on the progress of Bangladesh organized by DCCI celebrating its’ 60 years, Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, shared her vision and asked the business community to lend their hands to join the journey of prosperity.