Biniyoger “O Aa Ka Kha”, the BSEC initiative to help the population take right investment decisions

In near past, Bangladesh had faced a major crisis in the stock market and as investors suffered, the companies also faced immense difficulties. Government and regulatory bodies were thinking of major reforms in the stock market rules and regulations to protect interest of the investors. That drew attention for the necessity of Financial Literacy. And that is where spellbound put its footprint.

The task was to design and implement financial literacy strategy for BSEC. Beginning from naming the strategy, Biniyoger “O Aa Ka, Kha”, we had to develop the means and mediums of how the target can be fulfilled. We had to find out targets, which was up to the most remote and marginal level investors, and find out strategies to reach them. The program was inaugurated by Prime Minister Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina and then spread nationwide, organizing large-scale launching events in each division. The program is being operated continuously and consists of communication materials development, seminars, workshops, brandings, trainings, interactive modules to engage people, promotional videos, learning modules and many more. While doing this, the digital platform was an effective medium we emphasized on and it paid off.

Successfully designed and initiated, the program has created a major awareness among the people of Bangladesh, alongside direct beneficiaries who took part in the programs. The target was to give the message, know before investing, and providing adequate knowledge to protect individual investment. The progress is satisfactory and the promotional and operational success of the program is so impactful that other government regulatory bodies and the government is now thinking of undertaking financial literacy programs of their own and as a whole.